We’re easy to reach…in a variety of ways, as a matter of fact.

Pick up the phone: in Florida, 305-791-2054; in North Carolina, 828-356-5411

Or just send us an email from this form:

Connect with Relevanza on Google+You can find us on GooglePlus. We like that platform. We would be happy to engage you in a Google Hang Out on Goo+, if you’d like, or even a Google chat.

Connect with Relevanza on FacebookVisit our Facebook page and reach out to us there or just follow our news feed.

Connect with Relevanza on Twitter @relevanza We Tweet…a lot…from @Relevanza… Birgit Tweets from @bph. Steve Tweets from @AVLHart

We also have a presence, such as it is, on LinkedInFollow us on LinkedIn

Connect with Relevanza on PinterestAnd, yes, we’re on Pinterest, too, and Waze and Wavii and TheBlu and a bunch of other platforms (so many platforms, so little time…but, then, that’s why you’re reaching out to us, isn’t it?)

Reaching Steve on some of his other personal social accounts is easy: GooglePlus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest; follow his North Carolina adventures at the Asheville Rediscovered Tumblr


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The Blue Streak

 Reality Based Approach to Virtual Life

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